Down on Main

Join us on July 13th in Fairpark for Heath Green and the Makeshifters and Papa Mali! 

In the summer, when the music fills the air, old friends sway, grandma dances, and children play, and you know why Tupelo is called home. ‘Down on Main’ has captured the “Tupelo Spirit” and bottled it up for all to consume. As the guitar strums and notes are sung, you can almost see Elvis walking up to Fairpark, where he once entertained the masses, to hear some great live music. This type of event does not just happen. It is a gift given by the community for the community. Local businesses and excited citizens pitch in together with time, effort, energy, and money to make it all happen. So when you are “Down on Main” enjoying the good times, smile at your neighbors and thank them, as we make this a better place together. (reads a lot better with some soft Sam Bush music playing in the background, so turn some on and re-read). 

July 13
Farmers' Depot
July 15
Farmers' Depot