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Haint No Way and Grasshopper Thoughts at Caron Gallery

Join us at Caron Gallery on February 15th from 5-7pm for the opening reception of our exhibit featuring the mixed media artworks of Robert Reedy. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Rob is originally from Tupelo, MS and now resides in Florida where he is a professor at the University of Central Florida. Rob says, “Growth as an artist is directly related to the acceptance of one’s self as an individual who dresses, talks, visualizes and creates differently from any other human. In fact, we are unique functioning designs. The more I embrace this the more freedom I exhibit as an artist. Understanding this, coupled with the history of art and a working knowledge of technical and visual language skills, enables me to create. 

These distinct aesthetic and sociological experiences create values and circumstances that shape my life and in turn impact my artwork. It is the pursuit of this individualism that is important to me. All artists are connected by history, visual elements, and principles of design. However, it is who we are and how we visually interpret the environment that creates our individual identities as artists. Growing up in rural Mississippi was challenging. Traditions such as storytelling, family, and faith had a tremendous affect in shaping my work. These traditions and experiences shaped my values.. I see it as a refreshing force in a world that can sometimes be cold, static and impersonal. My philosophy is an interesting balance between intellect and superstition, science and magic, New York and Mississippi…. a sort of “Doo Dah Dada”. Currently, I am involved with a more sculptural approach to the vessel and recently have returned to a mixed media form of painting and drawing.”

Show hangs until March 8th.

Haint No Way and Grasshopper Thoughts