Meet About the South

Featured Downtown Tupelo business of the month is About The South!

About The South is a unique home decor shop which focuses on selling items by artists and companies/manufacturers that are located in the South.

Owner of About The South, Susie Morgan, started About the South as a space in a local gift market called Joyful Creations. The space then moved into a building on McCullough Boulevard which gave Morgan’s shop room to grow. A year later, a building became available downtown which Morgan did not pass up.

“ [About The South] has grown tremendously since we moved to Downtown Tupelo,” explains Morgan, “ I believe that downtown, there is a lot of foot traffic and tourists. With more traffic, there is more business... and with more business there are more sales, which is how a business grows!”

About The South is the perfect place to find the right accessories to add southern flare to a home. They also sell jewelry, bath products, greeting cards, t-shirts and great southern gourmet food.

“ We southerners love to cook and we love to feed our people,” says Morgan. “ We try to make it really easy by having ready to serve dips and spreads... and lots of other southern foods!”

About The South recently created a customer wish list to make shopping for friends easier. There is also a bridal registry called “ Before the I Do.” About The South loves to ship Mississippi based creations such as gourmet food items and other knick knacks in gift baskets to their customers.

“I hope that we have brought a little southern flair to Downtown Tupelo,” says Morgan. “ The ideas behind the whole business are the stories tied to the products. I love to tell the stories and, if anything, I hope that About The South is a fun environment for people to enjoy.”

Morgan hopes to see the business continue to grow. She wishes to continue to find local and southern artists and talents to showcase in About The South.

“I want to give people the opportunity to see what gifted, talented individuals we have all around us,” says Morgan.