Upper Floor Housing




Downtown Tupelo has plenty of upper floor housing above our many shops and restaurants. If you're looking for a

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Real Estate Agencies

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Fairpark District


The Fairpark District…a seamless extension of the urban fabric of existing downtown Tupelo. The ongoing redevelopment of the former city fairgrounds, Fairpark District incorporates the architectural character and scale of a traditional small city downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods. Fairpark District, once the county's fairgrounds, is a 50-acre urban renewal development started in 1999 by the Tupelo Redevelopment Agency. The city of Tupelo issued $22.7 million in bonds for the purchase of property and development of infrastructure, with a projection that private investment would eventually be three times that amount. Among Fairpark's dominant occupants are City Hall, the Hilton Garden Inn, Tommy Morgan Inc. Realtors and the Renasant Center for IDEAs, with other businesses snapping up the empty lots. For questions regarding the development of the Fairpark District, please call (662)-841-6598.