14th Annual Chili Fest Awards

The Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association (DTMSA) called for Chili Fest teams in September. Enthusiastically DTMSA welcomed 23 teams Friday morning as they filed onto South Broadway Street with decorations, costumes and award-winning chili recipes.  As the teams entertained the guests, a group of judges blind tasted a chili sample from each team. After sampling all 23 chili recipes, the judges came to a conclusion. The following awards from the anonymous judges go to:
• “Make Ya Wanna Slap Your Mama Good!” 1st place: WTVA, WLOV
• “Better Luck Next Year 2nd place: J. Edward Design Company
• “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”- Most Original Recipe: Community Bank
• “Mystifying Oomph”- Most Unique Taste: Salon West

A different group of judges were selected to judge based on team theme. There were several different themes ranging from golf to the 70’s. The following teams were awarded for their creativity and enthusiasm:
• “Serve It Up Right”- Best Presentation:  Community Bank
• “Rowdiest Cooks!”- Best Team Spirit:  Tupelo Park & Recreation
• “Sauciest Get Up”- Best Costumes:  Rotary Club of Tupelo
• “Most ‘Souped’ Up Kitchen”- Most Creative Tent:  Rogers Realty and Appraisal Company
• “Supreme Scheme”- Most Original Theme: Link Centre

Our last group of judges were our guests. Each guest was given the opportunity to sample each chili and vote for their favorite.

• “Crowd Favorite”- By Vote of the Attendees: Mitchell Distributing

Congratulations to the winning teams!  Thank you to all judges and the teams that participated this year!

Lee McAlillyComment