Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau Unveils New Brand

The Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) unveiled its new brand on March 6th at an event in the Center of Positivity.

“We have immersed ourselves in defining Tupelo’s brand as it relates to tourism,” said Neal McCoy, Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director. “Over and over, through conversations and focus groups with our partners and customers, Tupelo was described as a happy, progressive community, where anything is possible when you share an idea. Locally, we call that the Tupelo Spirit. This brand is the personification of the Tupelo Spirit.”

A research study conducted by Young Strategies in 2012 identified that Tupelo’s brand had become diluted as a result of numerous logos and varied taglines identifying the bureau. TCVB worked with Cubic Creative to define what Tupelo’s brand is through targeted focus groups with industry partners, city leaders, meeting planners, tour operators, and visitors to Tupelo. This six-month process lead to the brand identity that was revealed today.

From electricity to Elvis Presley, Tupelo has always been at the forefront of progressive thinking. The city has renewed itself many times but one thing has remained true always: Tupelo is an upbeat, happy city where people believe they can accomplish anything; especially when they share an idea. Tupelo is full of contagious optimism and is ready to become the Center of Positivity.

“The environment that influenced Elvis, making him believe that anything was possible, still resonates today. The opportunity for inspiration is what we are selling as we invite guests to visit us in the ‘Center of Positivity,’” said McCoy.

Lee McAlillyComment