Business of the Week: Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen

Our Business of the Week is Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen!

"Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen is an ingredient, information, and farm based restaurant. We take local cows, pigs, chickens, vegetables, fruits, honey, butter, grits and so much more, and prepare them on our wood burning hearth grill. Attention to detail is our philosophy. Everything we do involves a delicate process. Technique is our foundation. We concentrate on the smallest things like hand-shucking the perfect oyster, foraging honeysuckle for our infused whiskey, and visiting our local farmers. Our farmers have taught us that there are actually 52 seasons in a year. We follow this constant changing cycle which allows us to write our menus with a fresh and creative approach each week. This system guides us throughout the year and sets in motion a constant progression. After all, most of us who work here grew up on a some kind of farm and those farms have taught us more about cooking than the act of cooking itself."

Save Tupelo, Buy Local.


Sarah StewartComment