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For the Best of Mississippi 2017, here is what those in the Magnolia State picked as the best of the best! We are so lucky to have all of these hardworking businesses to make our Downtown better for our visitors and locals. We are so proud!


Best Dessert - Crave, Skillet Cookie

What could be better than a warm chocolate chip cookie served in a piping hot skillet? The answer: one served with two scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge on top. Crave’s skillet cookie is a must-have amongst a menu of fantastic desserts and coffee. Just like the city of Tupelo, Crave’s skillet cookie warms the soul. 


Best Hamburger - Mugshots Grill and Bar

Mugshots Grill & Bar markets itself as having “the sweetest buns in the South,” and it is certainly true. Visit any of its 11 locations, and try the always- popular McDonald burger—a 1⁄2-pound burger topped with bacon, cheddar, ranch, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion. For something a little more classic, try the Patty Melt, another 1⁄2-pound burger served between Texas toast, covered with American and pepper jack cheese, and topped with sautéed onions and Mugshots’ famous comeback sauce. Come to Mugshots for the burgers, but definitely stay for its relaxed atmosphere. 


Best Art Gallery - The Caron Gallery

The Caron Gallery has a wide range of medi- ums from artists in various cities, towns, and communities. Whether it is installing artwork in clients’ homes, presenting an artist’s gallery exhibition, or providing art workshops in down- town Tupelo, The Caron Gallery has a wonder- ful group of people waiting to provide excellent assistance. 


Best Men's Casual Clothing - Reed's 

For over 100 years, Reed’s has provided the best shopping in the Southeast. With decades of ex- perience and a friendly staff, Reed’s continues to provide exceptional service for the best-dressed men with exceptional taste. 


M List Runner Up(s): 

Best Coffee Shop - Crave

Best Home Decor - Farmhouse

Best Bridal Shop - Willow Bride

Best Stationery Shop - SWIRLZ

Best Farmers Market - Downtown Tupelo Farmers Depot

Best Downtown Area - Downtown Tupelo



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