Do you hear that sound?
It is the sound of movement. It is the sound of progress. It is the sound of people going to work each day; opening shops, prepping the kitchen, doing the work that keeps this town and our nation moving ahead.

Do you hear that beat?
It is the resonance of spirit. The spirit of a place that turns a mall and a fairground back into a downtown.  It is the spirit of a place where a gentleman can still buy a suit and a lady can buy a dress in shops owned by people who live here, people who care.  It is the spirit of a place where fine dining meets down-home cooking.  It is the spirit of a place where people gather to celebrate and unwind.
Do you hear that rhythm? 
It is the hum of a factory just up the road where Americans build cars.  It is the echo of a place rebuilt after winds tore it apart in the thirties. It is the flip of a switch that illuminated a whole community.  It is the sound of footsteps. Footsteps of a boy and his mom who walked into a hardware store to buy a gun, came out with a guitar, and went on to the change the world.

We are the makers of this sound and the keepers of the rhythm in a place called Tupelo: an All-American City with all the warmth of Mississippi. We invite you to experience our song and shape our future. 

We are Downtown Tupelo.   
American Rhythm, True Southern Spirit.